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DispensMate-Pro / S

Key Features

•   Excellent  chemical  resistance;
•   Fully autoclavable at 121?;
•   Reagent recovery function reduces waste and prevents dripping when not in operation;

•   Fast, reliable and reproducible volume locking mechanism;
•   Easy to disassemble and clean,minimum maintenance;
•   With 6 different adapters for regent bottles of various sizes;
•   For liquid with vapor pressure uo to 500mbar, viscosity up to 500mm²/s, temperature up to 40?,density up to 2.2g/cm³;

•   Flexible filling tube adapts to reagent bottles of various sizes.


Volume Range in ML Graduation in ML
0.5-5 0.1
1.0-10 0.2
2.5-25 0.5
5.0-50 1.0
10-100 2.0

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