RE200 - PRO

Key Features

•   Large LCD digital display with heating temperature, rotation speed, clockwise and Anti-clockwise, time information.
•   One-click automatic motor lifting (stroke 180mm), smooth and silent.
•   Water / Oil heating bath with wide temperature range from room temp to 180°C
•   Speed range from 10 to 150rpm, and interval operation in clockwise and anticlockwise directions for drying process
•   Double-layer high-efficiency condensing tube with large condensation area and strong evaporation capacity, ensuring efficient sample recovery
•   Patented PTFE double sealing ring with excellent sealing performance
•   A switching valve for continuous collection without compromising the system vacuum and solvent distillation.


Temperature Range Room temp. ~180? (both water and oil)
Rotation Speed 10 - 150RPM
Evaporation Capacity Max.4.0L/h (Water Vapor Volume)
Ultimate Vacuum Less 2.6hpa
Sample Flask Volume Round Flask 20L
Receiving Flask Volume Round Flask 10L with Drain Valve
Condenser Two-section vertical triple serpentine condenser, cooling surface 1.2m2
Display LCD (temperature/speed/clockwise and Anti-clockwise/time)
Safety Features Motor over-current protection, Residual Current Device, lifting overload protection, Boil-dry protection, over-temperature protection
Heating Bath Size f450×240mm


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