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Smart Vac
Smart Vac - Bench-top Smart Vacuum Aspiration System


  • Supernatants after centrifugation steps to collect sediment;
  • Removal of culture media of cell culture;
  • Removal of waste liquid;
  • Reagent suction filtration.


  • Portable and Space Saver Due to its small size and external vacuum source or power supply, it can be relocated wherever needed, and fits on every bench.
  • With rechargeable battery, it can work independently without external power supply Can work continuously for 5h after a full charge.
  • Liquid aspiration is fast, the operation process is safe and reliable The aspirating speed is 1.6 L/min; the hydrophobic filter can protect the equipment from contamination.
  • Dual functions of aspiration and filtration Standard 1L collection bottle (optional 500ml collection bottle) and suction filter bottle can be autoclaved.
Vacuum Range 600mbar
Aspirating Speed 1.6 L/min
Weight 0.5kg
Input voltage DC 12V,1.0A, lithium battery 2500mA
Collection Bottle Volume Standard 1L, Optional 500ml?suction filter bottle

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